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Aptus Base “liquid” is a 100% mineral based fertiliser compatible with all growing mediums and hydroponics systems. BASE is the only base nutrient product you need to use from the beginning of vegetative growth until the end of the fruiting and flowering phase. Compared to other competing products requiring you to purchase up to four separate bottles, Base is a 1 part, liquid fertiliser for both grow and bloom.

Aptus Base is easy to use throughout your plants’ growth cycle. Simple add at the rate of 1 ml per litre throughout and up to a maximum of 2 ml per litre if needed. Enjoy low dilution ratios and high mineral stability throughout a wide pH range. Whatever your growing method, Aptus Base will impress. 

APTUS BASE provides essential macro and micro elements needed for plant growth throughout the vegetative and bloom phases.

The ingredients put into APTUS BASE were chosen specifically to not include chlorides or ballast salts causing unnecessary contamination of the growing substrate.

Without ballast salts or chlorides, the EC reading taken from your feed solution gives you a true view of the nutrient concentration.

APTUS BASE contains 0% calcium and must be used with either MASSBOOST (our organo-mineral CALMAG) or MINERAL-CALMAG (our mineral based ‘clean’ CALMAG).

•  Easy to use – 1-part NPK fertiliser specifically

designed for both grow and bloom.

•  A recommended dilution rate of 1 – 2 ml per 1L throughout the plants’ entire growth cycle

•  Cost effective and stable

•  Applicable in all major growing mediums including: soil, coco, perlite, hydroton, peat moss and rockwool-based mediums

•  Contains no chlorides or ballast salts minimising the formation of junk salts in your planting medium

Add APTUS BASE Liquid to your reservoir during both vegetative and flowering periods.


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