016 Stabilised Oxygen 5 Litre

016 Stabilised Oxygen 5 Litre

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Introducing 016 Liquid Concentrated Stabilised Oxygen

As most growers are aware that a plant breathes CO2 in the day cycle through its leaves, but the advanced grower is aware that a plant has to consume oxygen through its root zone in order to achieve optimum growth.

Just like you… Your plants need oxygen too!

What is 016? A Fungus – killing water produced in a machine that combines water, electctricity and minerals.

It enhances the water properties to create a nuetral anolyte soltion of powerful Di-Atomic Oxygen.

This product is produced using very advanced scientific technology that enables the oxygen molecule to remain stable in water for an extended period of time thus allowing a plant to have a readily available supply of oxygen when it is required. Uptake is to such a degree that results are outstanding.


Although 016 has not shown any detrimnetal effects to plant growth even with much higher dosages than what have been recommended, however in much the same way as using any new product, please trial on a small section first until the desiged result has been achieved.

016 is not and has no resemblance to Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), 016 has no adverse affects when in contact with the skin. 016 is pH neutral and its effects are long and lasting unlike that of H202.