Digi-Lumen LED Array - with ballast

Digi-Lumen LED Array - with ballast

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Unplug your HPS and plug in an LED.

The new Digi-Lumen LED Array is the first LED to operate directly from any 600 W Electronic Ballast. The LED Array features 720 Watts of Optimum White and Optimum Red diodes to ensure there’s plenty of LED power when operated on boost settings. Immediately increase your light output from 1100 µmol/s (HPS lamp) up to 1820 µmol/s with the Digi Lumen LED Array. Plug and Play.

Operating procedures:

  • Dimmable to 250 W, 400 W, 600 W & Boost setting
  • To achieve maximum output, operate on the highest setting of your 600 W Electronic Ballast
  • Designed and fully tested for use with a Digi-Lumen E Ballast on Super Lumens setting (690 watts for a total output of 1820 µmol/s)


  • [1] x Digi Lumen LED Array Grow Light - 600W | True Watt 600W | 1820 µmol/s
  • 1 x Ballast