Gro Dirt 20L

Gro Dirt 20L

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GRO-DIRT provides growers with consistently high quality and heavy yields. It is suitable for use Indoors, Outdoors or in Greenhouse cultivation. It is our full spectrum, complete solution for growers who want maximal output and quality, with a minimum of input.


It all starts with our base mix, specifically developed to be a fluffy and free draining microbe home with maximum air fill porosity. We combine this with H.P.O's superior HigH-PowR humic compost, premium organic amendments, I.M.O enriched bio-dynamic composts and the finest natural minerals available along with our special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, and Soil Probiotics.


This creates a 100% Organic Living Soil that has excellent drainage, rich in microbial life and complete whole-food nutrition for your plants, just the way nature intended.


GRO-DIRT can be used standalone from cutting until cutdown with just fresh water (rain or filtered for bonus points) and love! It requires no boosters or additives and is ready to use, right from the bag.

GRO-DIRT nourishes your garden from start to finish, providing your plants with optimal nutrition, heavy yields and terrific quality with only water.

GRO-DIRT was developed over more than a decade of real world trials in a variety of locations. We've done the hard yards, so you can spend more time looking after your plants - and less time slaving over the resevoir tank.


The HigH-PowR humic compost used in this soil is a custom formulation high in levels of slow release, carbon rich Humic compounds. These compounds help chelate and make available, the organic nutrients and minerals contained in our soil without having to resort to the use of EDTA.

It is derived from only ACO farm inputs (no council greenwaste), inocorporating a diverse range of woody materials, organic straw, poultry compost and finely ground bio-char. This is aged for up to a year, yielding a rich, dark and humified material, dense and brimming with microbial life.


The nutrient and mineral content is a carefully curated selection of the highest quality premium organic inputs Australia has to offer. Offering diverse inputs that have a synergistic effect, each individual ingredient building on the last.


The special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma and Soil Probiotics contained in our soils solubulize the organic nutrients making them available to your plants from the start, right out of the bag, in addition to promoting overall plant health and resilience over the life of the crop.


A healthy Organic Soil brimming with life means your plants are no longer subject to  feed tank drift and medium instability which is common in Inert-Medium/Bottled Nutrient systems.

Organic growing utilizes an active soil-food-web to provide your plants with all the nutrition they require.

Growing this way encourages a symbiotic relationship between the plant and soil, it is an inherently more stable system that doesn't require extensive monitoring to achieve great results.

GRO-DIRT ensures a more stable rhizosphere which results in better crops on a more consistent basis, over a wider range of conditions.

Our soils are reusable with people being able to use them for many crops if taken care of and reamended appropriately, rather than being a media you simply throw away at the end of the crop.