Grodan Cubes (Sheet of 98) - 36mm x 36mm x 40mm
Grodan Cubes (Sheet of 98) - 36mm x 36mm x 40mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Grodan Cubes (Sheet of 98) - 36mm x 36mm x 40mm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Grodan Cubes (Sheet of 98) - 36mm x 36mm x 40mm

Grodan Cubes (Sheet of 98) - 36mm x 36mm x 40mm

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Grodan Rockwool 98 Cube Slab for Seedlings and Cuttings

Grow strong and healthy seedlings and cuttings with Grodan Rockwool 98 Cube Slab. These high-quality rockwool cubes provide an excellent growing medium for your plants, encouraging roots to develop and flourish.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimal growing medium: Rockwool cubes provide an ideal environment for seedlings and cuttings, promoting root growth and overall plant health.
  • Easy to use: Each cube has a small indent for placing seeds or cuttings, making it a breeze to start your plants off right.
  • Conveniently sized: The 98 cube tray offers a compact and efficient way to grow multiple plants, and can be easily split by hand or cut with scissors into individual or strips of cubes.
  • Versatile transplanting options: Once roots emerge, plants can be transplanted into larger Grodan transplanting cubes or other media such as expanded clay pebbles, perlite, coco, or potting soil.
  • Multiple purchase options: Available in single slabs of 98 cubes or as a box of 30 slabs (2940 cubes), offering flexibility for your specific gardening needs.

How to Use

  1. Soak the Grodan Rockwool 98 Cube Slab in water for a few minutes to ensure adequate moisture.
  2. Place a seed or cutting in the small indent found on top of each cube, ensuring it is properly positioned for optimal growth.
  3. Maintain proper growing conditions for your seedlings or cuttings by monitoring temperature, light, and humidity levels.
  4. Once roots begin to emerge through the rockwool cubes, transplant your plants to larger Grodan transplanting cubes or your preferred growing medium.

Aqua Gardening Suggests These are Best For

Grodan Rockwool 98 Cube Slabs are best suited for gardeners and cultivators of all experience levels, from novices to professional growers. They are especially beneficial for those seeking an efficient and easy way to manage the early stages of plant growth, such as raising seedlings and cuttings.

The hydroponic growing media of choice

Grodan Rockwool or stonewool is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibres and then compressed into cubes, blocks or slabs. Rockwools superb quality, fibre structure and pathogen-free content enables optimal root development for unrivaled growth and production. Grodan has the highest density on the market, which translates into the greatest structural integrity for increased and longer oxygen holding capabilities. Low density rockwool collapses with the weight from water and plants, squeezing out air pockets and decreasing oxygen retention. High density gives better insulation value which is especially important during germination and rooting of cuttings. Higher density also improves the wicking and dispersion of moisture and nutrients, enticing roots into more areas of the medium, and therefore increasing nutrient fueled sites for premium plant production. Click here to read our handy guide on hydroponics-or-aquaponics/">raising seeds with rockwool.