Ed Rosenthals Zero Tolerance Pesticide

Ed Rosenthals Zero Tolerance Pesticide

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Ed Rosenthal is recognised as a leading botanist, educating gardeners for decades through his books and Ask EdTM column.
“By studying horticulture all my life, I knew that many plants have their own defense mechanism against a variety of pests. Some plant oils destroy the exoskeleton while others deteriorate the nervous system. The right combination of these essential oils will eliminate pests quickly.
I can say with confidence that I have developed a non-toxic natural garden product that is effective, clean and safe for you and your family.” Ed Rosenthal.


How can a pesticide be safe?

• OMRI certified for organic use
• Made with food grade essential oils
• Safe to spray indoors
• 100% Vegan, natural and non-toxic
• Evaporates fully / leaves no residue (Unlike Neem oil)
• Spray up to ten days before harvest and you will test clean!