Green Zone Invasion OSA 500ml

Green Zone Invasion OSA 500ml

Green Zone
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Orthosilicic Acid / Monosilicic Acid

Space Age Silica – Activate Your Invasion Osa By Mixing It With Water To Produce Monosilicic Acid – The Ultimate Readily Absorbable Silicon.

Invasion Osa Is A Crucial Element For Powerful Plant Development.

  • Suitable For All Plant Types
  • Improves Crop Growth & Vigor
  • Pest & Disease Resistance
  • Leaf & Flower Size (Improving Yield & Potency)
  • Slow Vertical Growth & Stretch In The First Weeks Of Flower

Application / Dosage

  • Works With All Cultivation Systems & Plants
  • 1 – For Osa Activation, Mix With Fresh Water In A Separate Container Before Adding To Reservoir
  • 2 – Pour Activated Osa Mixture Into Reservoir Prior To Adding Any Nutrient Or Additives

Dosage (Grow & Bloom)

  • Basic – 2 Ml Per 10l Of Nutrient Solution
  • Bloom: Slow Vertical Growth Increase To 3 – 4ml Per 10l In Week 2 Of Bloom For One Week Only
  • Foliar Application: Use A Maximum Of 1ml Per 1l Of Foliar Spray
  • Clone Application: At 0.5ml Per 10l Or Foliar Application At 0.5ml Per 1l Of Spray Solution
  • Heavy Feeding Strains: 3ml Per 10l