SMSCOM Fan Controller TwinCe PRO

SMSCOM Fan Controller TwinCe PRO

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SMSCOM Twin Controller Pro is the smartest economical fan controller on the market! Novel fan regulating technology allows for negative pressure to be maintained, while optimising fan speeds according to temperature and humidity demands! The Twin Controller Pro even accounts for nighttime humidity spikes and grow light influence on humidity! Seriously smart control with the Twin Controller Pro!


The Twin Controller PRO uses our ‘Motion Flow’ software system; therefore it reacts completely differently to the usual types of controllers that typically only operate at 2 speeds.

The Twin Controller PRO automatically adjusts the fans speed over 60 different settings for the smoothest fan speed control and the most accurate temperature maintenance out of any type of controller. This new technology also ensures less fan noise and a longer life for your fan.

Negative air pressure is guaranteed through the perfect synchronization of both fans, creating a ‘vacuum’ inside the room. Unlike systems that allow independent control of both fans, the Twin Controller PRO is superior as it is impossible for the user to misjudge the balance of airflow.  Fine tuning of this is possible using the ‘Extra Fan Speed’ dial which increases the speed of the exhaust fan only.  The Twin Controller PRO is Plug & Play, so no wiring is needed. Just plug in your fans, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed and the Twin Controller PRO will take care of the rest.

When you first install the Twin Controller PRO, it requires 5-10 minutes to scan your room to make an evaluation for the correct running speed for your fan. After this time, the controller knows the exact speed your fans need to run to maintain the temperature.  From then on, the Twin Controller will make automatic adjustments to the fans’ speed to always maintain the set temperature. There is no need to touch the controller again!

  • Supplies power to intake and exhaust fan
  • Built-in heavy duty thermostat control with NTC temperature sensor
  • Smart Motion Flow technology
  • Light Sensor equipped
  • Maintains negative air pressure
  • Regulates intake and exhaust fans
  • AU 240v Plug fitting
  • 5 year warranty